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onsdag, 27 augusti 2008 09:03 by Bootylicious

Jag gjorde ett intressant personlighetstest idag. Det bygger på Myers-Briggs typindikator för att referera till vilken av de 16 olika personlighetstyperna man är. Jag fick typen INFJ vilket står för Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling och Judging. Gör gärna testet själv här och läs om/tolka resultatet här.

Du kan också göra en kortare variant här. Detta är jag:

Introvert, iNtuitive, Feeler, Judger (INFJ)
INFJs represent between 1 and 3% of the U.S. Population

INFJs inhabit a world of ideas. They are independent, original thinkers driven by their strong feelings, and personal integrity. Sensitive, committed, hardworking, and perceptive, INFJs are often excellent listeners, skilled at generating enlightened and creative solutions to people’s problems. Thoughtful and careful decision makers, INFJs prefer to have plenty of time to let ideas “percolate” before taking action. Because they value harmony and agreement, INFJs like to persuade others of the validity of their viewpoint. They win the cooperation of others by using approval and praise, rather than argument or intimidation. INFJs go to great lengths to promote fellowship and avoid conflict. They are also often perfectionists highly focused, and driven to accomplish their goals. Rather formal and reserved, INFJs can be difficult to read, but it is critically important to them that their values, needs and concerns be understood and respected.

INFJs Tend To Be:

• Driven by their integrity which inspires people to value their ideas
• Patient listeners; empathetic & able to anticipate others' needs
• Creative problem solvers who offer a unique perspective
• Quick to understand complex concepts & see big picture possibilities
• Independent with a strong drive to be productive & meet goals
• Naturally gifted at helping others find solutions or develop their fullest potential

Career Satisfiers
All people are most satisfied and successful when using their natural talents in an environment that is consistent with their personality preferences and values. Research shows that INFJs are most satisfied by jobs that provide the following:

• Opportunities to use their creativity to find solutions that help people achieve their fullest potential
• Supportive, meaningful relationships with colleagues & co-workers
• A tension-free, collaborative work environment where personal & professional growth are encouraged
• Intellectual challenges & exposure to new ideas & solutions
• The opportunity to work independently & one-on-one most days


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